32pt Painted Edge Business Cards

  • Ultra-thick, reliable, and long-lasting
  • Gloss, UV gloss, matte & uncoated
  • One-day printing
32pt Painted Edge
32pt Painted Edge
5-7 Business Days
5-7 Business Days
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Same-Day Good Business Card Printing With Guarantees, Quality & Quantity

A standard business card printing is necessary for any company, whether it’s a new or an established company. A good business card makes a good impression on your client and attracts the client towards the company. Today everything in the world is fast.

That’s why we offer fast and rapid printing quality. And which does not compromise the product’s quality. All the features of your business will be mentioned on the card which helps your client to know about your brand.

Standard Size of Business Card in the USA:

By default, the size of a business card is 2″ x 3.5″. Which is a standard and compact business card size in the USA with several benefits. 

  • Hardly smaller than a credit card
  • Don’t take much space, easily fit in your wallet and pocket

To avoid all the printing errors of your business card follow the steps which define below. These sections must be included in your business card:

  • Bleed Area covers the edges of the entire card. Must ensure that your bleed area covers the background of the business card.
  • Safety line: Safety line: area points out the dotted line where the printer cut the business card. So, make sure all the essential information is written in the safety lines.
  • The trim line is that area where the card will be trimmed. It gives the facility to save the bleed line area in which we write our essential information.

If you have no time to select the size and design of the card. Then go and download the preferred size of your business card. Our layout templates include all sizes. 

Dependable & Durable Materials:

Choose from one of three, choose the durable cardstock which looks and feels professional.

14 pt. Cardstock

  • It’s a standard choice for the best business card
  • A durable cardstock and reliable size

16 pt. Cardstock

  • Somehow thicker and heavier than 14 pt. cardstock
  • Extra consignment gives a professional look and feel

17 pt. Cardstock

  • Somehow thicker than the 16 pt. Cardstock
  • Both sides of this card are writable because it comes with an uncoated surface.
  • Provides a delicate look and feel

Provide Complete Details:

Every defensive coating focuses the most essential parts of your business card. So, choose the elegant design which boosts the impression of the brand on clients. 


  • Choose the best combination of color for your business card which attracts the client.
  • Take attention from the client by coating on both sides of a 14 pt. or 16 pt. cardstock

High Gloss UV

  • Your card gets the attraction from the client when the card lands on the client’s hand.
  • If you want a distinct finish then coat only the front side of 14 pt. cardstock or if you want the customer’s attention then coat both sides of the card.


  • A graceful touch on both sides
  • Use an ideal and luxury design for brand
  • We provide a standard of 14 pt. Cardstock and substantial in 16 pt. Cardstock


  • To attach the important document it provides the writable surface on the card.
  • When you give the writeable surface on the card it makes a good impression on your client

Turn the edges to smooth and round the corners of the business card which looks and feels better. Have rounded corners on all or two sides. And if you want to customize the design then we’ll do our best to make the design according to your requirement. 


When can I expect my standard business card order?

One day you order us for a standard business card and the next working day we will provide your order.

To check when you will receive your order then select the Get Delivery Estimate link and input your ZIP code.

Which materials are recommended for double-sided printing?

All the cardstock has enough space for writing on both sides. But if you want a more admirable business cards then we prefer the 16 pt. Cardstock or the 17 pt. Cardstock.



Paper Stock

32pt Painted Edge

Edge Color

black, blue, red, white


250, 500, 1,000

Printing Turnaround

5-7 Business Days


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