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  • Customize for parties and occasions 
  • Add stand, grommets, or pole pockets
  • Browse 2 sorts of premium vinyl

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You can enhance your business and brands by using backdrop banners. We define all the services which you offer in this banner that will be helpful for your brand during trade shows, fairs, conferences, and many other business events. You can also print the brand logo and many other pictures on the banner that will be a good technique.

Print sceneries and improve the vibe of your occasions and shoots. Regardless of whether you decide to print huge landscapes, advance your logo, or make your example and plan, our scenery printing administrations at Novaprint let you customize to suit your necessities and application. 

Look over two (2) sturdy vinyl materials for your backgrounds:

Standard 13 oz. scrim vinyl has a matte completion, which gives incredible permeability even in brilliant light. This well-known alternative is efficient and endures three to five years even on the outside.

Premium 15 oz. vinyl is thicker than the standard vinyl pennant material and is cut safe. The smooth, solid surface is incredible for open-air and indoor use. This is our most grounded vinyl material and keeps going as long as five years outside.

It’s not difficult to modify and print any item on our site. Simply select your favored item specs like size, amount, material, and printing turnaround on the request mini-computer.

You can decide to transfer your own craftsmanship record or make a format without any preparation utilizing our online plan instrument. At the point when you look at it, our occupant print specialists can likewise audit your plan for nothing to prepare sure it’s for printing. 

Print backgrounds today, and we can have your request prepared for delivery in only a couple of business days.

Choose the Correct Backdrop Size:

We provide five different standard sizes of range from 96” x 60” to 240” x 96”. And three most popular sizes which offer by our services:

  • 120” x 96” (10’ x 8’ feet) is the most favorite size of our customers. This background size fits a major gathering of up to 8 individuals and suits enormous gatherings and occasions.
  • 96″ x 60″ (5′ x 8′ feet) fits simply each to two people in turn, ideal for solo a few representations. This set size is frequently utilized for little studios and photo booths.
  • 96’ x 96’ (8’ x 8’ feet) this size covers only the 4 or 5 people in one photo.

Your customized backdrops can also be added hemming with or without grommets, and pole pockets also (that can fit a 2” diameter pole) at the top and bottom.

List of Hints To Design a Customized Backdrop:

Use high-resolution images: Since your scenery configuration will be amplified for enormous survey separates, your picture goal should be in 300 specks for each inch (dpi) or higher to forestall debasement and pix delight.

Save in CMYK shading mode: PCs utilize an RGB shading mode that is not quite the same as the CMYK shading mode utilized by printers. Changing your work of art to CMYK will guarantee the precision of the tones in the completed printout.

Ensure the text styles are inserted: On the off chance that you add text to your plan, watch that your textual styles are installed so the end-product is fresh and precise.


Can I order my custom backdrop with a stand?

You can choose your order according to your need if you need the banner stand then choose the option of (banner with stand). Use the given below order calculator for better options.

Note: Banner is transported independently of the stand. Just the stand is transported in a bag.

How quickly I can get the order?

Order time is dependent on your selected shipping area. You can get the approximate time of shipping from the order calculator. Just you need to put the 5 number zip code of your area and the calculator will give you the shipping time.

Total expenses of backdrop printing?

The expenses are depending on your selected size, material, and quantity. You can get the exact amount of your backdrop printing by using the order calculator. Simply select your shipping area on the dropdown choices and our site consequently produces the assessed cost and cost per unit.

Can we print on both sides of the backdrop?

Yes, you can print on both sides of the backdrop banner. Just select the given below Full Color on the Back Side dropdown option from the order calculator.

How can I get my design proofed for free?

Go to the product page and just select the option of Upload Your File. After upload, the design select the option of I need the PDF proof from proofing option. Our team will create a PDF proof for you and email you as soon as possible. Your design is pending until you approve the proof.


8'x5', 8'x8'


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