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  • We use the best quality material (Water resisted)
  • Next day printing available
  • Print logo to enhance your business
10ft x 10ft
10ft x 10ft
10ft x 20ft
10ft x 20ft
5ft x 5ft
5ft x 5ft

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We ensure that our custom pop-up tents will get you seen on your next occasion. Our custom tents highlight your image’s work of art or logo imprinted on an excellent polyester overhang that is UV, scratch, and water-safe.

Browse a wide assortment of styles, tough edges and equipment, embellishments, and dividers to really customize the ideal custom overhang tent. We offer the greatest outside publicizing tents for a portion of the expense of our rivals.

We offer canopy in numerous sizes. Here is the list of our popular sizes:

  • 5 x 5
  • 6 x 6
  • 8 x 8
  • 10 x 10
  • 10 x 20
  • 10 x 15
  • 13 x 13
  • 13 x 20
  • 13 x 26
  • 20 x 20

Custom Canopy Tent

Regardless of whether you need a marked pop-up tent for a little occasion, similar to a celebration, reasonable, or patio party, or a major occasion, similar to an organization capacity or wedding, Novaprint has you covered. Our custom pop-up tents arrive in a scope of sizes, from 5ft by 5ft smaller, as far as possible up to 13ft x 26ft for genuinely enormous occasions. 

Our promoting tents come in three print styles: 

  • All Over Printed Tents
  • Logo Printed Tents
  • Stock Color Tents


Entire-Color Dye Sublimation Printing

All our custom pop-up tents are imprinted in full computerized shading for intense, sensational shading multiplication. Each side of the shade can be handcrafted.

300 & 600 Denier Polyester Fabric

Every custom canopy is imprinted on durable yet lightweight 300 Denier Polyester Fabric. This is very smooth, the top-notch texture is scratch and tear-safe, and has predominant lightfastness. Move up to our super sturdy 600D texture for significantly more assurance.

Water-Resistant & Fire-Resisted

Specially designed for both indoor and outdoor use, our custom canopies are done with a water-resistance and fire-resistant completion to best withstand the components.

Easy to Install

Lightweight polyester combined with snare and circle latches makes for a speedy and secure arrangement and breakdown.

Strong Binding Strips

Supported strips are added into the creases on each corner to increase the strength and expand the existence of the custom shelter.

Customized Pop-Up Tents Are Easy to Install

Novaprint’s customized pop-up tents include an excellent aluminum collapsing outline that can uphold your custom shelter.

All pop-up shelters are not difficult to set up and can be gathered without devices. Basically, crease out the edge, utilizing the snare and circle latch tabs to tie down the print to the edge, and extend. It requires some investment to appropriately amass our custom pop-up tents.

UV & Scratch Resisted Custom Pop-Up Canopy Tents

All custom canopy tents from Novaprint highlight scratch and UV opposition. Notwithstanding the various styles of occasion tents we offer, our custom pop-up tent texture is likewise water-safe.

You can rely on your custom covering tent to suffer and adequately cover you and forthcoming customers/clients from the downpour. The downpour will simply move off the rooftop and dividers, keeping everybody and anything under your water-safe pop-up tent dry.

Create Customized Pop-up Canopy Tent

Novaprint offers various approaches to modify your publicizing shade occasion tent. We offer a wide range of sizes of pop-up tents, so you’ll have the option to pick the ideal custom tent shade for your requirements.

We likewise offer just equipment and extras, so on the off chance that you as of now have a custom print all set, you should simply arrange a pop-up tent casing.

Order Now a Pop-Up Tent with Sides

Searching for an approach to add additional flavor to your custom shade tent? Add Pop Up Tent Walls, which permit you to add additional security to your custom pop-up overhang, while likewise giving you additional room for custom illustrations.

We offer pop-up tent dividers in full divider and half divider setups. Completely uniquely printed and stock tone (no print) alternatives are accessible. 

All custom tent dividers effectively connect to our pop-up tents. Full tent dividers are immediately associated with snare and circle latch tabs, while half dividers require an equipment unit for the legitimate showcase.

Design your overlap up covering tent with sides by tapping on your ideal spring up occasion tent and add your custom dividers with our custom spring up tents configurator.

Custom Tents with Walls

Searching for a simple method to get the pop-up shelter tent with sides that best meets your requirements? Our custom tent divider configurator is here to help.

Just snap on the occasion tent that you’d prefer to arrange dividers for to begin. As a feature of the requesting interaction, you’ll be given a progression of catches that have the divider sizes you’re choosing close to them. 

Clicking “Pick Wall” will raise the configurator, permitting you to design your pop-up overhang tent’s dividers. We offer various distinctive divider styles, like full dividers, half dividers, dividers with entryways, dividers with windows, and dividers with entryways and windows. 

Whenever you’ve picked the dividers that best fit with your spring up covering, you can tap on the “Save Wall Selection” button, which will save your tent divider choices in the configurator, so you can either buy them at that moment as a component of the request interaction or return to the entire thing later as you need to.

Events Cover

Our customized pop-up canopy tents can be used for both outdoor and indoor. If you use it outdoor, it helps you to protect yourself from sunshine. By printing the logo and text you can convey your message to your target audience. There are many types of industries that use these canopies for events.

  • Business Tents for Company Use
  • New/Used Car Sales
  • Sports team – Football, Baseball, Soccer Tents & More
  • Clubs & Organizations
  • Auto Parts & Repair
  • Catering Companies
  • Radio Stations
  • Travel Agencies
  • Local, State & Federal Agencies
  • Cell Phone Companies
  • Sports and Custom Outdoor Canopies
  • Military Recruiters

Custom Event Tents For Every Occasion

Searching for a custom back-end tent with sides? Setting up a gathering? Our exceptionally printed occasion tents will convey a cleaned look to your motivation.

Regardless of whether it’s a gathering, a wedding, graduation, a birthday, a smorgasbord, or a business party, you can utilize our occasion tents for any exceptional event. Leave it alone a cover for the food, or spot a few custom tents along with custom pop-up tent dividers to make a rich sitting zone.

Take Care of Your Canopy Tent

It’s not difficult to deal with a publicizing tent from Novaprint. Cleaning should be possible effectively by cleaning away earth and flotsam and jetsam with a soggy fabric. Whenever you’re finished destroying your pop-up tent, you should simply overlay it up and store it away.

Perhaps the most ideal approach to keep your customized pop-up overhang tent liberated from residue and garbage is to disconnect it from the casing and spot it in a sack.

The casing can be put away in one of our discretionary pop-up tent packs, which are made of sturdy polyester that keeps your custom pop-up tent protected until the following time you need to utilize it.

Replacement Parts of Printed Canopy Tents

On the off chance that you need substitution things for your occasion tent, we are here to help! In the event that a piece of your custom shelter tent equipment breaks or disappears, we offer substitute items like overhangs, equipment, and extras.

You can contact our client support agents at 1-514-244-6676 to put in a request or pose any inquiries you have concerning custom tents supplies.


Which factors are included in the event tent price?

The last cost of your custom shade tent relies upon a few things. What promoting tent edge model is being utilized? The spending plan cordial renditions, for example, the economy and fundamental styles will cost not exactly the luxurious or premium adaptations. 

What size is the occasion tent edge?

A 5×5 measured tent will not cost as much as a 13×13 size. Our all-over-print coverings cost a couple of dollars more than the logo print choice. Stock shade tents with no print are essentially less expensive. At last, in our custom spring-up tents configurator, on the off chance that you add cases or different accomplices to your request, it will expand the cost.

Which custom sizes of the canopy tent do you offer?

It basically depends on the need of the customer. We offer numerous sizes and designs. You can review the below list of sizes. Which we offer.

  • Economy: 5×5 – 10×10, weighs 32-45 lbs
  • Basic: 6.5×6.5 – 10×20, weighs 42-101 lbs
  • Compact: 8.5×8.5 – 10×10, weighs 28-31 lbs
  • Deluxe: 5×5 – 10×20, weighs 27-68 lbs
  • Pavilion Deluxe: 10×10 – 13×13, weighs 45-55 lbs
  • Premium: 13×13 – 13×26, weighs 89-157 lbs

Can I customize the height of my custom tents?

Indeed! The entirety of our customized pop-up tents has flexible statures. The legs incorporate push switches that lock into place. You can change the stature by pressing the catch in and pulling up or down on the tent leg. Each tent size goes to various statures. For more explicit stature change data, go to the item page of the tent or the edge.

Which material is being used for the canopy?

The printed tent shade material is accessible in 300D or 600D polyester. This texture is water-safe, scratch-verification, and fire-resistant for open-air and indoor use. 

The stock shading tent coverings are produced using 300D polyester. They are water-safe with a polyurethane cover.

What is the major difference between the models of the frame?

Economy: This model is a steel outline and has a breeze rating of up to 20MPH. This casing does exclude a wrench agent. 

Basic: This model is a steel outline and has a breeze rating of up to 25MPH. This casing incorporates a wrench agent. 

Compact: This model is an aluminum outline and has a breeze rating of up to 25MPH. This edge is our lightest choice and is intended to find a way into a vehicle trunk. 

Deluxe: This model is an aluminum outline and has a breeze rating of up to 30MPH. This edge incorporates a wrench agent.

How can I install my tent canopy?

The custom pop-up covering is done with a snare and circle clasp that append to the highest point of the occasion tent edge.

For a more top to bottom investigation of how precisely the latches interface with the edge, you can see one of our get-together recordings on one of the custom pop-up tent item pages under the “Recordings” tab.

How can I prevent my canopy tent from falling over in the wind?

We stock a few embellishments that can forestall your pop-up occasion tent from spilling in blustery conditions. On the off chance that you go to our “Equipment and Accessories” classification on this page and afterward go to the “Spring Up Tent Weights” subcategory, you will see the loads we have that are viable with our tents for occasions. 

A portion of these loads can be loaded up with one or the other water or sand, yet they all are connected to the lower part of the tent legs to balance out the weight. We offer loads as light as 11lbs and as substantial as 50lbs.

What are custom canopy tent valances and peaks?

When examining imprinting on custom pop-up tents, two terms that are frequently utilized are valances and pinnacles. 

The valance is the base segment of the custom shelter where the texture is straight. This part is regularly utilized for including a business name or contact data like telephone numbers and email addresses. 

The pinnacles are the top, bigger areas of the custom pop-up overhang that are formed like triangles or trapezoids relying upon the size of the tent. This part is likewise printable and obliges bigger plans than the valances.

What is the difference between whole print and logo print options?

We separate our printed tents into two classifications: all finished and logo print shelter tents. 

The pinnacles and valances of all over printed tents can be totally redone with the goal that your plan covers the whole shelter. 

Just a specific part of the pinnacles and valances can be imprinted on the logo publicizing tents. The foundation stone can be chosen to cover the entire shade, however, the real plan is limited to specific territories. The printable segments are shown in the layouts.

What is meant by turnaround time for custom canopy tents?

Our exclusively printed overhang tents require creation, so it takes the standard 4-6 business days to finish before we transport it out to you. 

On the off chance that you need your occasion tent faster, we have surge choices. On the off chance that you click on the “Conveyance Estimator” on the upper right of our configurator, you can see which surge alternatives we have accessible.

In which way I can design a good canopy tent?

Our marked spring up tents can be planned in three unique manners: 

Plan Online – on our item pages, on the off chance that you go to the “Plan/Upload” tab in the configurator you will see the catch “Plan Online”.

This will direct to our web composition’s instrument where you can transfer any work of art you have onto our custom pop-up tents. You can likewise get to various tones, foundations, text, and clip art to utilize. 

Utilize Our Templates – you can likewise download one of our layouts where you can plan your tent utilizing your own product and afterward re-upload the completed format previously or in the wake of putting in your request. We do offer layouts for affiliates without Novaprint marking. 

Free Design Services – in the event that you are experiencing difficulty planning the fine art yourself, you can contact our client support office with details of what you need your plan to resemble.

We will have our illustrations office plan the custom overhang for you – complimentary. They will send you proof to support prior to printing. 

We send fine art pieces of proof to every one of our clients for their last endorsement before we print anything.

Tell me your printing method for canopy tents?

The custom coverings are printed with a cutting-edge color sublimation printing measure. This is an effective printing method that produces lovely tones that will not blur or scratch off. 

The entirety of our plans utilizes full shading CMYK printing. This implies that regardless of the number of tones you remember for your plan, your cost will continue as before.

Can I order only the canopy without the frame?

On the off chance that you simply need to buy a custom shelter without anyone else or an edge alone, this should be possible on the item page in the “Request Type” dropdown.

We have choices for “Print Only”, “Equipment Only”, and “Prints and Hardware”. Equipment, like packs and stakes, can likewise be bought on the item page in various tabs in the configurator.

How should I place my custom canopy tents?

Break down the promoting tent casing prior to putting it away and make a point to put it in a dry room without the abundance of heat, similar to a wardrobe. 

The custom overhang ought to be put away in a similar spot, aside from making a point to overlap it appropriately with the goal that it will not get wrinkled.


10ft x 10ft, 10ft x 20ft, 5ft x 5ft


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