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1 side
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14 PT Cardstock
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Print Sell Sheet for Business, Property, and Product Promotion

The Sell sheet is similar to your business card but comes with more qualities. It’s an essential way and good strategy for promoting your business. You can introduce your whole business with a single sheet. Just as you shouldn’t go to an event or meeting without a business card, you shouldn’t introduce your business to others without a sell sheet.

When you’re looking to print sell sheets, you need to go with a printer that will create an excellent item that will increase the information that you remembered for your sell sheet. Everyone always wants to make the first impression good.

How you can make a good impression on your target audience? Why people trust you and come to you? Whenever you order sell sheets for your business from any of our available choices. You can be positive that every impression will be a good one.


  • A double-side good color scheme sell sheet offers twice the value.
  • The standard of every order checked by the team of quality controls.
  • We add UV coating or classy matte finish in sell sheets.
  • Choose the size according to your budget and need.
  • Print sell sheets on 70 lb. (uncoated), 80 lb. or 100 lb. economical paper stock or on 10 pt., 14 pt., or 16 pt. ultra-thick cardstock.
  • There are four coating options are available: uncoated, matte, gloss, and high-gloss UV. 
  • One-day printing.

Marketing Tips

If your business is new, or you want to introduce a new business and brand then sell sheets will helps you to introduce your products and services in the near area. No matter the type of business, maybe you introduce a clothing boutique, restaurant, or real estate agency, a sell-sheet is a guaranteed technique to enhance your business and convey your message to the target audience.

Send these sell sheets to your target audience before the grand opening of your brand or business. It will make a good impression.

Clients that are known to have interests in services like the ones you offer with dynamic four shading sell sheets will construct an incredible initial introduction of your business and unquestionably make your great opening celebrations a triumph!

If you are a manufacturer or wholesale dealer, and you want to highlight your product and services to your target audience then a print sell-sheet must be a great idea because printing the sell sheet for your customer will capture the attention of your clients towards your business. Today the world is so fast, every day new changes happened in the business line.

So, it’s not possible to change the catalogs many times in a single year to introduce the new changes of your business. But with the help of a sell sheet, you can easily highlight the newest addition of your products.

Sell sheets are an affordable technique to send the details of your new addition to your audience so, they stay informed about new changes.

Sell sheets work better when they come with another promoting tool. For example, As a real estate agent, you can set your business card and sell sheet in the presentation folder to make it attractive. Now you make a package for your client, Now your client can take any information from the presentation folder about you.

Sell sheets are a fascinating tool, you can add all the important information about your business on a single sheet that your client needed.

Your audience can be used to sell sheets as a reference guide for many things like pricing, important dates, and contact information. You’ll be euphoric at how informed your clients will be with respect to your items and services!

Which are the necessary elements of making a sell sheet?

These are the necessary elements of making a sell sheet:

  • Brand logo and product name
  • A charming headline
  • Introduction
  • Use High-resolution product pictures (including product SKU numbers)
  • Benefits backed by data
  • All the contact information

Notwithstanding being a specialized record, a sell-sheet should in any case contain a compact feature and a source of inspiration. The introduction section ought to give a brief rundown of the data about the items and services.

The majority of it ought to contain the details of your item or administration, and if conceivable, near information against your rivals. At last, it should give your potential customer data about your organization, especially your contact subtleties.

A sell-sheet may be more informative and durable than the flyer or brochure, but it doesn’t mean this design is a second thought. When it designed in a better way, it becomes a virtual tour of your services and products that you’re provided.

Use the lengthy space and flat sheet to create the design of your sell digital sheets. So, you should have enough ample space for writing.

Here is an example of an ideal and perfect sell sheet about the business:

Notice the main thing it has a headline, an inductive paragraph(in which you can write about the company), one more thing all the important information write in different boxes in an organized way, and pictures to help the viewer navigate the information easily.

For example, You should add only a single product or a single family of products. This will be helpful for the reader to read about your company or brand with full concentration. Write the important points in the form of bullets then because bullet points capture the eyes of your client.

In the end, the designer has done a great job by adding picture examples of how the product looks, and how you can use it. If your company sell numerous products, then you should add the picture of every product with their features.

All companies should be added to the picture or infographics of their products to make your sell sheet attractive. Use the picture of your staff while working, Those clients’ picture who enjoy your products, or your products in action to communicate something unique about your company.

When should I use a sell sheet?

Maybe a flyer or brochure can give detailed information about the services and product of your business, but a sell sheet can give deep information to promote your product. Technical products like software can take great benefit from this promoting tool. Real estate agencies can also take advantage of the sell sheet by adding the difference between the rivals.

It is also beneficial for press reporters and content creators to write about the latest news. And departmental stores can also use this sell sheet as a menu list of their products.

Great! I’d like to make my own

Before start designing your cell sheet, here are links of two different sizes, make sure your design specs must be matched with them:

  • 8.5” x 11” Sell Sheet
  • 9” x 12” Sell Sheet

Or alternately, you can design yours online:

Online 8.5” x 11” Sell Sheet

Create one with us at Novaprint! Check out our sell sheet printing for more information about it.




1 side

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Black ink, Full Color

Paper Stock

100lb Text, 14 PT Cardstock


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