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100lb Text
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3-5 Business Days

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Brochure Printing: Utilize our fast and efficient Printing Services

Brochures are a good marketing strategy for your brand or company. You can easily display them on the counter at the store, and easily carry them at a trade show. 

Print that brochures, which effectively maximize the available space and number of panels. And select the size according to your choice so, you can easily fit all the information and images in it. Here is the list of some standard sizes in which we define different dimensions of brochures.

  • 2-fold: 8.5” x 11”
  • 3-fold: 8.5” x 11” and 11” x 17”
  • 4-fold: 8.5” x 14”

The above-mentioned size is the most popular size, Novaprint offers all the other custom sizes that you need. A brochure set catches the attention of the audience.

The decision of brochure size is best settled considering the plan and substance. There are some brochure styles that will show pictures in a way that is better than text. From half-overlap to z-overlay, right to resemble map crease, we offer a wide assortment of sizes and brochure types to suit any reason.

Note: All sizes on the calculator are measurements before folding.

Choose the Perfect Brochure Fold

How to Use a 2-Panel Option:

Half-Fold Brochures

This type of brochure is called a bi folder brochure because it made up of two panels (fold the total space in half). This style is the best option for a simple business and corporation. Ample space on the brochures helps you to introduce your products and services.

How to use the 3-Panel Brochures:

trifold brochure

Trifold Brochures

You will know by reading the name that this type of brochure has consisted of three vertical panels. By using 3-panel brochures you can easily write any information for your audience. This is quite possibly the most popular alternatives since it’s compact, holds a lot of data, and fits in most rack card openings.

If you want to divide your products and services into different categories, then the 3-panel option is the best for you because you can write information on the different pages to convey your exact message to your audience. 

z fold brochure


This fold separates your brochure into three vertical boards into its unmistakable “Z” shape. Each board folds on top of each other and proficiently presents the various highlights of an item or administration. Z-fold brochures are additionally ordinarily utilized for content with different language interpretations.

Each fold makes a different segment, however, is brought together to make one entire page when the brochure is unfolded. This additionally permits you to make simple formats for pictures and text since they’re all on one side of the brochure.

gate fold Brochures

Gate Fold

Gatefold brochures consist of three panels. From which one is folded inward to make the “Gate”. The front panels can expose an image or infographic that shows a new offer from your business.

We suggest gate brochures for presentations and product launches. “Gatefold” gets more attention than another advertising tool.

How to use 4-Panel Brochures:

accordion fold Brochure

Accordion Fold

The accordion fold separates your brochure into four panels that crease on top of each other. This choice unfurls data in a coordinated and successive way. It resembles the z-overlay, however with four panels.

It’s a lot more straightforward to configuration contrasted with different brochures due to its ordered method to introduce data. Use accordion folds for occasion brochures with everyday timetables or in any event, for maps.

double parallel Brochure

Double Parallel Fold

The double parallel fold bisects the brochures into four panels, which are parallel and also in one direction. These brochures designed on the big page so, enough space provides you to write your message. With the help of 4-panel brochures, you can explain the details of your products and services in the different categories.

french fold Brochure

French Fold

This fold also divides your brochures into 4 panels. Firstly fold the half-page and the fold again perpendicular to the first page. While space is enough to explain all the infographics of your services.

A French fold is the best option for promotional events. And also good for when you need to show the full-size image on the inside of the brochures. 

parallel fold Brochure

Parallel Map Fold

A Parallel map fold divides your brochures into four vertical panels. Which are directly adjoining to one another when the brochure has been fully opened.

The parallel map fold is opened like a folder that can capture the attention of your target audience. To explain your services in the detail use the lengthy paper.

Choose Your Perfect Paper Stock & Coating

We offer four different premium paper stock options for brochure printing.

70 lb. Paper

70 lb. paper option is best when you need lightweight paper for your brochures, you can use any type of pen or marker for writing on the brochures. It’s somehow thicker and more durable than the common copy paper.

80 lb. Paper

80 lb. is somehow heavier than the upper one. It adds a reflective brightness to your brochures because it comes with a gloss finish. Choose a gloss coating to add shine and saturation to your design. One thing, You can only use permanent ink to write anything on the gloss.

100 lb. paper is the most popular choice for brochures because it’s thicker and gives a premium feel than 80 lb. We always suggest 100 lb. for brochures because it’s texture and more durable. To make your brochures elegant and shiny. Must be added High-gloss UV and matte.

10 pt. Cardstock

10 pt. cardstock is our heftiest, most durable material for brochures. We suggest 10 pt. cardstock for pamphlet types with fewer creases, so they stay shut when not being used. On this type of brochure, you can also use the High-glass UV and matte.

Note: Both paper and 10 pt. cardstock is folded before shipment. Read more about the cardstock and paper here.

We suggest the gloss and matte coating because both of these are to bring out the images and text. Gloss coating makes it shiny without any light around here. If you want the pop out the colors also then don’t worry and choose the option of extra shine and select the High-gloss UV coating.

By using the High-gloss UV and matte you can make the surface of the brochures smooth so, the clients can easily read the text and see the images clearly. 

If you already choose your brochure design then send us, but if you have any doubt about the design of brochures then use our online design tool to create an attractive design according to your dimensions. If you need brochures fast then confirm your order by 10 a.m. PT Monday through Friday and your order will be ready for shipping between 5:30 p.m. and 7 p.m. PT on the same day.


What does “printing turnaround” mean?

“Printing Turnaround” means that how many days will take to complete your order. Only working days are included in the turnaround time, no weekends and shipping time include in it.

Which printing and shipping options should I choose for a rush order?

Follow the below-mentioned steps to get your order fast:

  1. If you select “Ready Today” for your printing then your order will be ready for picking-up or shipping on the same day.
  2. Enter your ZIP code under “Delivery Options” to find out or make an estimate that how much time will be taken by the shipping.
  3. You can select the one-day delivery date. But we also offer next-day pick-up for some locations.

Which is the main difference between gloss and high-gloss UV coating?

High-gloss UV is used where we coat it on the dark color (blue and black). And it gives more shine than gloss. The high-gloss UV coating is scraped spot safe and ready to withstand successive taking care of.

Gloss coating also provides shine to your design but less than High-gloss UV. It can also save your brochures from scratches and scuffs.

What are the most famous brochure sizes and their main uses?

  • 2-fold 8.5” x 11” is primarily used to explain your specific product and your service.
  • 3-fold 8.5” x 11” and 11” x 17” are basically used when you need to explain numerous products.
  • 4-fold 8.5” x 14” provides more space or larger areas for images and infographics. It provides enough space to write your important information in an organized way.

Why should I use free proof?

Selecting the free proof lets you check the design before it is printed. We highly recommend this for individuals under a rushed timeline or those with specific printing concerns on their file.

It’s also recommended to customers who are new to getting designs printed or using Novaprint. Our customer service team will be available to address any concerns regarding the proof.


8.5×11, 8.5×14, 11×17, 11×25.5, 17×22

Paper Stock

100lb Text



Folding Type

Half Fold, Roll Fold, Z Fold, Double Parallel


100, 250, 500, 1,000, 2,500, 5,000, 10,000

Printing Turnaround

3-5 Business Days


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